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POW-erful Routines

Kids of all ages thrive on order. If you find that you've spent the bulk of the day telling your charges what they should be doing every step of the way,maybe it's time to look at your routine:

Is it consistent?

Are you doing things in basically the same order every day? When kids (from infant to teens) can easily predict what's happening next in a day, they'll be much more likely to behave better. Don't you do better when you know what to expect?

Is it do-able?

It helps sometimes to write down what you do each day and then take a second look. Is it realistic? If you have too much scheduled for one day, perhaps it's time to see if there's a way to cut back. Children who have too much to do struggle as much as those who have not enough!

Is it flexible?

No matter how awesome your routine is, it'll do no good if a bump in the road ruins your whole day. Make sure to remember that life with kids is unpredictable by definition. When we expect (and sometimes even welcome!) the unexpected, we are more likely to be able to "roll with it".

Have a parenting group, preschool staff, or group of volunteers who could use tips like this and more? Schedule a LIVE workshop! Click HERE for information or HERE to contact Amber directly.

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