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The first few years of a child's life are extremely important… so equipping the people who care for them has to be a high priority. Planning a workshop for your staff should be simple and affordable. We can work together to find the perfect format for your team. From a full day training to a short lunchtime topic, I will strive to make sure your staff is left educated, encouraged, and inspired to excel at their jobs. Choose from preset topics or contact me directly for a custom workshop written to meet the needs of your staff.


Curriculum-Based: Interactive classes on specific curriculum-based topics like literacy, math, science, dramatic play, outdoor classroom, large and small motor, music, art, social studies, circle time, etc.


Infant & Toddler Care: Highly interactive workshops on a wide variety of topics including family partnerships, curriculum planning, environment design. I am a graduate of The Program for Infants and Toddler Care (PITC)'s intensive train-the-trainer institute and have many great materials for your team. 


Skills-Centered: Participation workshops designed to build and reinforce teacher/staff skills in areas such as discipline, time management, observations, accreditation, preparing for ECERS, ITERS, or CLASS assessments, lesson planning, safety, developmentally appropriate practices


Team Building: Fun and practical sessions built to address communication, leadership, and teamwork'


I am also pleased to be able to offer family education workshops for the families in your school. Parenting/Family workshops are geared to encourage a partnership with the school and to reinforce good habits/routines for the kids at home. Topics can be chosen from below or can be tailored to meet the needs of your school’s families.


  • Kindergarten Readiness

  • Discipline

  • Partnering for your child’s educational success



Children's Ministry is so much more than babysitting… it’s the opportunity to give children a solid foundation of faith in their most formative years. Teaching kids who Jesus is, how much He loves them, and how to love others is a pure privilege. For those in leadership, it’s our responsibility to provide for our staff (volunteers and employees alike) the proper equipping so they are able to do their jobs in the classroom with minimum burnout and maximum effectiveness.


Whether for a full (or multiple) day conference, a single workshop, keynote speech, or a quick motivational message at your event, we’ll work together to make sure your volunteers take away some practical skills and a fresh perspective… for God’s glory!


Choose from the following topics, or contact me directly for custom topics. (note: all early childhood topics can be taught with a Christ-centered perspective)


Discipline With Grace

This workshop will teach several ways to handle unwanted behavior in a firm but loving manner so you can keep your mind focused on the important things- like sharing the gospel. We’ll explore ways to get to the root of the problems that cause bad behavior in your classrooms and help direct your students in the way they should go.


Communicating with Parents

Sometimes the hardest part of working with children is communicating with their parents- especially when delivering hard news. Explore ways to build relationships, enlist help correcting bad behaviors, and address difficult situations with truth, love, and grace.

Caring for Kids in Crisis (NEW!)

Kids and families today face abuse, mental and physical illness, drug and alcohol dependency, divorce, neglect, and countless other stressors. This workshop explores answers to important questions: What are the effects of stress on our children? What can be done to help? What is the responsibility of the church?


Raising your CM SCORE

To revive your ministry, sometimes the best thing you can do is take a good, fresh look at what you’re doing right & what you can do better. This workshop will introduce a systematic approach to making sure everything is on track. Together, we’ll take a peek at the key areas of Safety, Christ-Centeredness, Opportunities, Relationships, & Equipping to raise your SCORE and improve your ministry!


Ministering to Children ages 0-5

We’re building big foundations with children under the age of 5, yet it’s often the area of children’s ministry that gets the least amount of care. This class will cover a developmentally-appropriate approach for ministering to our youngest congregants- and their parents.


Engineering a Training Ministry

We’d never think of putting an untrained, inexperienced, unknown pastor at the pulpit on Sunday morning, yet so often we find ourselves assigning volunteers to our children’s classrooms without properly equipping them for the job. In this session, we’ll learn about how to start a training ministry- including the who, what, where, when, why, and how to get started giving our volunteers the tools they need to minister to young children long-term.

Refocus, Refresh, Repair, Recommit: Renovating Struggling Hearts

Anyone who’s been in ministry for any length of time knows that sometimes, we just need a fresh start. Whether it’s been a particularly rough season, or you are just in need of a refocus, this workshop will present basic ways you can resuscitate your team- and yourself.


Square Peg, Round Hole- Working with Children Who Don’t Seem to Fit

The children who seem the most unlovable can often be our biggest blessings! This workshop will focus on problem-solving ways to help and learn to love children with special needs, behavior issues, and bad habits. Focus will be on practical solutions and support.









It's my pure honor to be able to speak for MOPS & other Mothers of Preschoolers’ groups locally and out of town. I have a special heart for the care and nurturing of very tired, very busy mothers of young children and feel honored to be able to offer support and maybe a laugh or two.


Workshops can be chosen from either those listed below or can be custom-written to fit your year’s theme or particular interest. I can also tailor workshops to suit particular age groups of children to reflect the needs of your group.


Because I know that most Mother’s Groups are on a very tight budget (what mother of preschoolers isn’t?) I am willing to be very flexible in my speaking fees. Please contact me for an honorarium quote.




  • Discipline

  • Making Memories with your Preschoolers

  • Setting up Life Routines

  • Breaking bad habits (in you and in your preschoolers)

  • Becoming the Mommy You Were Created to Be

  • Christmas & Thanksgiving- themed



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