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I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Amber since 1992.  During this time we have worked together and built a friendship that will last forever.  Not only is she a great friend and partner to her husband and a fabulous mother to her three amazing children but she is a role model and mentor to everyone that she comes in contact with.  As a writer, speaker, and consultant she has made it her life work to remind us all that although we are not perfect, there is a plan for us all and living a Godly life as she does this plan is made evident.   When she teaches, she brings the approach of not just what to do, but how to do it and why it’s important.  She realizes that as people if we don’t see why something is important or the benefit that it brings we are less likely to be open to the message. As the Owner and Executive Director of ABC Child Care Center & Village, I have gone to Amber with an idea as I do with many of my colleagues, looking to her for input and perspective. Each and every time she has given me her true, honest opinion and offered assistance and guidance. She is someone who is always willing to help and be supportive in any way she can.  I truly value Amber for the amazing person that she is and I am blessed to be able to call her my friend.

- Malinda Margiotta

ABC Child Care Centers

Temecula, California

Hi Amber!


I just wanted to reach out and tell you how wonderful your session on Writing and Presenting Workshops was at NAEYC. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you speak and received incredible ideas, ways to implement, and try those ideas (hands down my best session at NAEYC!). I really appreciated the worksheets you provided and all the alternatives to lectures; along with ways to make things fun and engaging while still teaching. You are a fabulous speaker and I feel fortunate to have gone to your session. One of my long term goals is to become a better presenter and I feel your workshop provided me with a  great start and handy bag of tricks-now I just need to use them! 


-Courtney Hultgren

Hilltop Child Development Center

 Lawrence, Kansas 



Hi Amber-

As my path has continued to cross with MomsConnect mommas this past week, ALL I have heard is how amazing your presentation was - super funny, relevant, insightful and challenging were just a few of the descriptors I heard echoed over and over again. Thank you so very much for spending time with those mommas. Please know you had a tremendous impact on them!

Thanks again for all of your time and passion!

-Carrie Silver

MomsConnect at CCV 

Royersford, Pennsylvania

I just have to say you are so inspiring.  I can not wait to get out there and start doing training.  I want to be like you when I grow up. ...  After your workshop I re-designed one of the workshops that I have been doing and thought of 3 more that I would like to offer.  Please continue what you do.  You are truly a blessing to this field . 

-Maile Josiah-Juarez

Los Angeles, CA


It is an honor to share with you my appreciation for Amber Lappin and the ministry that God has called her to. I have had the privilege to minister with Amber throughout the past ten years at different Children’s Ministry Conferences. In addition, Amber has taught various topics in exceptionally creative ways, to equip teachers and to spark their creativity. She has taught at our CM Conference for 7 consecutive years; once as our keynote speaker.  All were challenged and greatly blessed.   

-Suzanne Still
Children’s Ministry Director Calvary Chapel of Oxnard



Amber showed up just when we needed her. Our Children’s Ministry needed a fresh perspective to overcome some issues that were hindering our ability to minister to the children of our church. Amber came in and quickly evaluated what needed to be done. She was gracious and considerate of the volunteers in the ministry. When she presented her findings and suggestions for improvement, she left us with a sense that we were doing a pretty good job, but that we could do a few things that would make things even better. Her suggestions for improvement were sensible and within the reach of our resources. I found the overall experience with Amber to be excellent. We have since scheduled her to come in and do some training for our volunteers. Everyone is excited and looking forward to what she has to share.

In His service,
Rick Lancaster
Calvary Chapel French Valley



I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Amber's Safari Through Daniel study. It was just what I needed to dig deeper into God's word. This study gave me a new perspective on the book of Daniel. Amber has a way with word pictures.

-Karen Bannis



I just wanted to thank you, Amber, for leading us to a larger, deeper relationship with God with our Daniel SAFARI. I am humbled when I see how you lead by serving--how you're not afraid to get into the muck and mire of the hard work of understanding His word, and of sharing your insights with us. You are such a gifted teacher, my friend. Your word pictures throughout the study, and your amazing encouragement were a balm to my (often) weary spirit. For studying Daniel is not for the faint of heart. You got in there, and led us to examine Scripture, examine our hearts, and helped us to surrender our hearts so that God could refresh our perspectives and understanding of His Word and his perfect will for all of us. Thank You, Jesus, for Amber, and thank you, Amber for your obedience!

-Gretchen Hanna




We have had the greatest pleasure of utilizing Amber Lappin as our Early Childhood consultant for over the past five years. Not only has Amber guided and supported our program through NAEYC’s Accreditation process, she has motivated our staff each year at our annual kick-off meetings, and has presented numerous trainings on preschool curriculum and environments. Amber has a professional and positive approach when presenting (while always adding her personal touch; with a little humor, and some real life experiences). Our staff really seems to respond well to her suggestions and feedback. They always look forward to her email response after she spends time observing their classrooms. She has walked in their shoes as a preschool teacher and can relate to their needs as professionals. Amber has a way of listening to our needs and she develops trainings for our staff and for parent workshops to meet our specific needs. Amber’s knowledge, experience, and presentation skills are exceptional. She has been a wonderful resource for our early childhood program.


- Jean Espino/Program Director


Thank you so much again for coming to speak to our MOPS group.  We always love having you and look forward to your humor and insight about how to love our kids just a little more while they are in MOPPETS.  I just wanted to give you some of the feedback that we received from our moms.

We ask the moms to rate our speakers on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest.  About 97% of our moms rated your talk a 5! 

Here is some of what they said:

“I found all of the info very useful.  Not only in MOPPETS but in parenting as well.  Loved it! So funny and a great speaker.”

“Very useful information presented in a fabulous way!  Loved her!”

“I have a child in the nursery who cries, so it was calming to hear how they handle that.”

“She was awesome!”

“Loved her sense of humor and tips.”

“Very informative, helpful.  Good ideas on what to do with kids.  Loved it!”

“She is very in tune to the needs of kids.  I really liked her.”

“I enjoyed her humor and how she explained how the MOPPETS program works.”

“I just love Amber!”

“Loved learning about MOPPETS.  She was hilarious and informative.”

“I liked learning how to deal with kids that are having meltdowns.  Very funny personality.”

“She was so funny!”

“I liked everything.  Loved her!”

“She was hilarious!”

“Great info about kids.”

“Good to know how to calm a child by having them draw their parents.  She was very easy to listen to and enjoyable.”

“She was a great speaker.  So knowledgeable and presented so well.  Very organized.”

“All of it was useful for MOPPETS, as well as, my own kids. Thank you!  Loved Amber!”

“Really fun to listen to.  Liked the discipline and distraction discussion.”

“Liked hearing the perspective of the toddler.”

So as you can see, you are a favorite of the MOPS moms!! Thanks again for coming to speak to our moms.  It’s such a blessing to have you right here in our “backyard!”

Kerin Bennett 



Amber Lappin spoke to our MOPS group on the topic of discipline; titled "Dandy-lion Taming".

Her presentation was amazing!  She has a unique approach to this subject.  An approach that encourages moms to believe and trust that God created each child "On purpose and for a purpose."  Our 80+ women continue to talk about how encouraging this was and how much hope it instilled in them. In a world where there are no perfect moms or perfect children; but where comparison's and judgments run rampant and can so easily tear mom's down as well as cause long term self esteem issues in children, it was truly refreshing and encouraging to have Amber point out how some of those "less than perfect traits or behaviors" we see in our children are actually positive traits in adults.  I believe after hearing Amber's talk that our MOPS moms are better equipped to discipline their children in a way that will help them to develop and mature into responsible healthy adults and reduce the risk of breaking a child's spirit.

Debbie Beck-Siddiqui

IHC MOPS Mentor Mom



Amber was a definite inspiration to my mom's group (MOPS). She touched on relevant issues that are common to moms and gave us new insight and tools while intertwining God into her presentation. I would definitely invite Amber back to speak as well as recommend her to other groups to bless them!

God Bless,

Jennifer S.
Murrieta MOPS Coordinator








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