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Remember once again that we are called not to be defense lawyers, prosecuting attorneys, judges, or juries. We're called to be witnesses (Acts 1:8). What does a witness do? He doesn't argue the case, He doesn't try to persuade or judge. He simply reports what he has seen. All too often, I believe, we've been intimidated by thinking we have to defend the veracity of the Bible, prove the fallacy of evolution, or justify church history. No, we're simply called to be witnesses-- to share what the Lord has done in us and through us.

– Jon Courson


I came to know Christ during a rough spot in my life. I was 9 years old and had been exposed to things that children ought not ever know or experience. My mom, desperately seeking shelter from the storm our lives had become, brought us to the exact right place. In a Sunday School classroom at Calvary Chapel South Bay I came to learn I was a sinner, that there were consequences for sin, that God loved me so much that He had provided a Savior for me. I said the sinner’s prayer earnestly- I asked Christ to live in my heart, to forgive me, and to be my Lord. I was nestled snugly in the palm of His hands.


In my teen years, I found the lure of cute boys to be more appealing than pursuing a godly lifestyle. It wasn’t until I was living with my boyfriend after graduation, feeling empty and lost, that I allowed myself to hear the Voice of God again. I made a conscious decision in the spring of 1991 to follow Christ no matter what the cost. I stopped living contrary to the way I knew was right, married that man, and began a Christ-centered family. Together, my husband and I have vowed to seek God in all areas of our lives. That vow has been put to the test several times throughout the years, but never once have I been sorry. Looking back over my life, I can see God’s presence interwoven in every facet. Everything that’s happened, every friend I’ve made, every job I’ve had- everything- has worked together for my good and for His glory.


I have an amazing life. I have a home filled with a husband and children I adore. I have amazing friends and a beautiful home church. I am not perfect, but I am surrounded by friends and family who will make sure I am on the right track. Sometimes, life is harder than I ever expected, but I am learning to be content. I am learning to be loving. I am learning to live a life in which I see God in everyday life.


Christ died for me, I realize, not just so I can be comfortable here on earth. He died because He loves me so much that He’s not willing to live without me. I rest in this, even in tough times. I try to remember constantly that the same God who was with me as I overcame each difficulty in my life continues to walk with me today. I am a blessed woman with an incredible God.


His Girl,



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